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I started my photographic career working on films for cinema and television but turned to still photography in 1997 after having children.  At that stage I was using a film camera and making black and white prints in the darkroom at the bottom of my garden. In 2007 I shut up my darkroom for the last time and fully embraced digital photography.  I have never looked back.
I adopt an informal approach when taking portraits because I like to create an atmosphere where anything can happen and my subject can feel completely at ease and, hopefully, enjoy the experience. I prefer natural light and work outdoors whenever possible, especially when photographing younger children.  
I still print all my own work and use only best quality fine art paper which closely resembles the fibre based paper that I used in the darkroom.  This ensures you will have beautiful prints with excellent archival quality that will last a lifetime and beyond.
As well as portraits, celebrations, school proms, wedding parties and special events, still life, food, architecture, quirky and beyond, I capture whatever I see around me.  Many of these images are available to buy as prints  (see Print Sales in the Gallery section).